Doing crazy things is a natural part of being alive; the problems start when your crazy actions kill or injure other people, and where driving is concerned, that’s a very real possibility.

Drivers must focus 100% on driving – not reading texts or playing with an MP3 player. Even having a conversation can be so distracting that your safety is compromised. Grab their attention at just the wrong time during a manoeuvre, and it can all go horribly wrong.

So if you want to stay alive, make sure you don’t fall into the trap of doing any of these things – or you might not live to regret it.

1. Mobile Phones

Reading a text will take several seconds; at 60mph, you’re covering 88 feet each second.

2. MP3 Player

Get the passengers to choose the music, or the driver can say what they want – but getting them to find the track on your MP3 player is just asking for trouble.

Leave the tune choosing to the passenger.

3. Radio

If you fiddle with the settings – such as changing the station or turning up the volume – the driver will probably want to intervene. And they’ve got to be distracted for just a fraction of a second at the wrong time…

4. Food or drink

One spill and complete chaos can soon ensue…

5. Chatting to the driver

It’s natural to have conversations as you’re travelling, but be aware of hazardous situations developing – ones in which the driver needs to focus 100% on their driving. If you’re in a busy urban street, surrounded by pedestrians and cyclists, you might need to put the chat on hold for a bit.

If you’re in a busy urban street you might need to put the chat on hold for a bit.

6. Kissing him/her

There’ll be plenty of time for a snog when you get there; doing it on the move may lead to greater expectations – and that’s when the trouble will really start…

7. Covering their eyes

This is another one that back-seat passengers can be tempted to do. Of course it’s stupid, but in a group it’s the sort of thing that can seem like a bit of a laugh at the time. It’s not so funny when things go seriously wrong very quickly.

It’s not so funny when things go seriously wrong very quickly.

8. Pressing Buttons

The dashboard is full of buttons and switches to press – but they’re best left to the driver. Don’t press things wondering what they do, or try to ‘help’ the driver – let them get on with the task of driving safely.

It's a fact

More teenagers are killed as passengers than as drivers, with males especially likely to kill their girlfriend. Often it’s because the male is showing off—but it can also be through passengers distracting the driver at a crucial time. The problem is, there’s no second chance…

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